Color Options for Replacement Windows and Doors

Anlin Windows uses ThermaCoat™ technology to offer twelve designer colors that will not only enhance your home’s look, but will also help keep it cooler.

ThermaCoat™ solar reflective colors reflect the sun’s heat, so even the darkest colors won’t absorb heat like ordinary paint. In addition, ThermaCoat™ colors are more durable than paint and are non-hazardous. They are covered by a full lifetime warranty, so you can invest in designer windows with confidence.

Anlin ThermaCoat™

Anlin offers windows and doors in the following colors:

Anlin Windows & Doors

Standard Interior and Exterior Colors

ThermaCoat™ Exterior Colors

| Architectural Bronze ThermaCoat™ Frames

We’re in the city of Anaheim, California, home to the one and only Disneyland! Here, we’re installing and reviewing 13 windows from Anlin! For this homeowner, her main concern was getting windows that will reduce noise coming from her living room and reduce heat from her top bedroom. So, of course, her first choice was getting windows from Family Home Improvements! WATCH as Renzo “Renny” Buckingham reviews the 13 windows, and inspects the one with Anlin’s signature SUNSHIELD formula, which is the most advanced heat-reduction window technology from Anlin. Most importantly, this installation is HOA approved! As your certified window company, FHI makes sure that your project has all the permits and requirements approved so that you can enjoy your windows without any trouble in the long run!

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