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Replacement Patio Doors FAQ

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Replacement Patio Doors FAQ2021-02-02T09:58:27-08:00
Are patio doors secure?2020-11-16T11:43:50-08:00

They are! The sliding patio doors come with two heavy-duty hooks to securely lock the door. The swinging French doors come with a 3-point locking system with a deadbolt. Both patio doors come with optional tempered or laminated, which pass the industry forced entry test.

Does the door style matter?2020-11-16T11:43:50-08:00

Yes, it does! You never want to purchase something you’ll later regret. We recommend choosing something that fits both your specific needs and your home’s overall appearance. For a traditional home, a French door would match the aesthetic. It would also be best if you need a large entryway into your home. For a contemporary looking patio, a sliding door would be ideal. It’s also a great choice if you want to bring more light into your home.

Can I install the patio door myself?2020-11-16T11:43:50-08:00

For your replacement patio doors to work effectively, they must be properly installed. One of our qualified and trained team members will install the patio doors for you. Installing them yourself may void the warranty.

Why choose hinged vs. sliding patio doors?2020-11-16T11:43:50-08:00

Choosing hinged doors vs. sliding doors depends on a couple of factors. If it’s purely for aesthetic reasons, hinged doors look better. But they can also open wider than sliding doors creating a bigger entryway into your home. This makes it easier when you have a large party or are moving furniture in and out of the house. Sliding doors are better for saving space. You can place furniture closer to the sliding doors without worrying about clearance issues, opening up the floor space in your home.

How do I estimate the cost of the replacement patio door project?2020-11-18T11:07:35-08:00

Replacement patio doors typically cost around $1,750-$5,000. To get an accurate estimate, you can look at the cost of the product and the installation cost, including labor. The total amount will vary depending on factors such as the location of the door (upstairs or downstairs). To help give you an accurate number, we offer a free no-obligation estimate!

How long will the patio door installation take?2020-11-16T11:43:51-08:00

Usually, replacing a patio door takes half a day, but could be more depending on factors like whether there’s rot on the frame, number of doors, etc.

Can you replace a sliding door with a French door (and vice versa)?2020-11-16T11:43:51-08:00

Yes! We can replace a sliding door with a French door or replace a hinged French door with a sliding patio door. To ensure the job is done correctly, you want to hire a company like Family Home Improvements with skilled window and door installers.

When should I replace my patio door?2020-11-18T11:11:20-08:00

If you’re already thinking about replacing your patio door, it may be time. Here are some of the main reasons why homeowners choose to replace their old patio doors:

  • You’re having trouble opening the door. The rollers may be damaged beyond repair, the weather may have damaged the frame, or the door may have been poorly installed
  • You notice the room near the sliding door is either uncomfortably warm during the summer or freezing during the winter. This may indicate your patio door has a draft and is letting cold air in or out
  • If your energy bills are suddenly getting higher, it may be because your patio door isn’t correctly insulating your home
  • If your patio door is broken and not secure
  • Your current patio doors may look old compared to the rest of the house or may be deteriorating. Replacement patio doors may be entirely an aesthetic choice! They’ll both improve the look of your home and increase its resale value
How do I find the right sized door for my home?2020-11-16T11:43:51-08:00

You can sit back and relax! Our team will come to your house and take a series of measurements to estimate the size of the door we will replace.

Do you replace all doors?2020-11-16T11:43:51-08:00

No, we only replace patio doors.

Replacement Patio Doors FAQ