Referrals & Rewards

Let me ask you this: do you know of a company that PAYS you in cold, hard cash in order to refer your friends or family to them?

Can you imagine if McDonalds or Wal-Mart paid you money just to recommend to buy from them? Well, that’s what WE do!

Our new program includes giving customers FREE $499 dollars if they refer their friends or family to us, and we do a job for them – whether it’s window replacement, exterior painting, or room additions.


The Simplest Way to Earn Special Savings

Here, Renzo gives this family from Artesia, CA $499 – WATCH for yourself on why Family Home Improvements is the #1 destination for contractor customer experience and how we always reward our clients. You help us and WE HELP YOU! If you enjoyed this video, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! It helps us put out more content so you can see what goes on behind-the-scenes! Don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE with your friends, family, neighbors, and if you have any questions, you can ask Renzo and CALL the phone number below!


  • To qualify for the $499, you must fill out the form below before the referral schedules an appointment with Family Home Improvements.
  • Referral must purchase a window replacement, exterior painting, or room additions.
  • Referral reward will be paid out once the referral’s installation is completed and project is paid in full.
  • Offer valid for new customers only (not valid on previous installations).

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