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Life Specialty Coatings has been the premier manufacturer and leader in high-performance interior and exterior coatings for over 55+ years. Life prides itself on putting the customer first providing superior service, specification, training, quality control and technical support for applicators, general contractors, renowned builders, designers and architects.

We currently have over 200+ distribution locations across North America including California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Texas, New Mexico, Idaho, Washington State and Oregon.


Protective & Decorative Solutions for All Surfaces

Specialty Coatings

Because decks have direct contact with the outdoor elements, they need to be sealed and protected properly. Our waterproofing systems are formulated to keep out moisture problems, reduce repairs, and extend the service life of your deck.

Resurfacing makes roads, decks, driveways, and pavements look good as new. Our concrete resurfacing systems and overlays come in various styles, colors, and patterns for greater aesthetic appeal.

We manufacture clear sealers that are resistant to abrasion, UV rays, and strong chemicals. Our products offer excellent gloss retention and come in different sheens to suit your every need.

Easy to clean, chemical resistant, and completely versatile in color and design. Our epoxy coatings offer an innovative flooring solution that can hold up to everyday wear and tear.

Stop mold and mildew infestation by adding an extra layer of protection. Choose from our wide range of exterior and interior high-performance wall coatings under Lifetime Plus, Aqua-Life, Rain-Shield and FireFighter.

Coating roofs can reduce heat energy costs and keep the building cool all year long. Browse our premium roof coatings designed for durability, weatherproofing, superior adhesion, and UV protection.

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Exterior Walls

There are a variety of options Life Specialty Coatings offers for exterior walls depending on the setting and project. Rainshield 64 Series and 70 Series are the most common exterior coating options. Rainshield 64 Series is a high build 400% elongation elastomeric coating designed as a waterproofing membrane. The perms are built to allow water vapors escape, while keeping the wall watertight even in extreme weather. The 70 Series is an elastomeric 100% acrylic blend with 200% elongation. Because of its versatile nature and higher perm rating, the 70 series is perfect for locations that have high humidity and coastal properties. Textured primers, knife grade caulking, urethane caulking, stucco-primers and more are also available.