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Energy-Efficient Windows vs. Regular Windows

September 15th, 2021|

If you look at the structure of your home, the windows are one of the main points for heat gain or loss, which can cause your energy bills to skyrocket. Regular, single-pane windows are one of the worst offenders, doing very little to prevent heat from flowing in or out of your home.

Why Choose Sliding Windows?

September 7th, 2021|

There are many reasons why our customers choose sliding windows. Sliding windows are extremely easy to use. They provide maximum ventilation and durability.

10 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Windows

August 3rd, 2021|

Have you ever doubted on replacing your home’s windows because it seems like a hefty investment? Well, let us tell you that the benefits of replacing your windows will immensely outweigh any drawbacks! This blog will go over 10 reasons why you should replace your windows, and not just with any company, but with Family Home Improvements!

Color Windows, The New Trend

July 28th, 2021|

Color windows are still the hottest trend. Many homeowners are choosing Color windows for their homes, and we believe this won’t be going away anytime soon. Color windows are a great compliment to many different home styles,

How Do Low-E and Argon Gas Windows Increase Efficiency?

July 6th, 2021|

Have you ever wondered why your energy bills increase when the cost of energy hasn’t? Due to inefficient and drafty windows, it’s highly likely that the energy in your home is being wasted. This blog will go over how Low-E and argon gas windows increase efficiency.

HVAC Warranty

May 14th, 2021|

Our American Standard HVAC products are backed by a limited warranty that covers parts as a result of manufacturing defects. All repairs of Products covered under this limited warranty must be made with authorized service parts and by a licensed service provider like Family Home Improvements.

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