This lovely home was in need of a major update. The paint all over the house was peeling and there were wood panels on the sides of the windows and brick around the bottom of the house making it look outdated. There was also a window on the second story that was no longer desired by the homeowners. Before applying the new texcote coolWall, the Family Home Improvements crew removed all of the wood panels and brick from around the home as well as the undesired window. They then spent about 70 percent of the time priming the house before applying the texcote coolwall onto the home to ensure that this time it would be done correctly and that the homeowners would not have to worry about ever being let down and disappointed again. While weather was a factor in completing this project (due to wind and rain), the Family Home Improvements team took necessary precautions to push back the time it would normally take to complete this type of service, in order to be sure that there were no mistakes to be made.

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