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In case of a fire, California homeowners need to know that their house can protect them, their family, and their possessions. Some home improvement materials are better than others at keeping the flames at bay. Your exterior siding is one of the most practical ways to protect your home.

Invest in the siding that firefighters regularly recommend. Fiber cement siding from James Hardie is long-lasting, beautiful, and exceptionally fire-resistant. 

We have gathered some facts and information you need to know about the safety benefits of Hardie siding.

Invest in Making Sure Your Home is Fire Resistant

Many times homeowners, don’t want to think about the possibility of a house fire, but there is a reason they should.

Across California, the most prevalent cause of death from natural disasters is fire. Sometimes it takes as little as 30 seconds for a small fire to become a monstrous blaze and swallow an entire house.

Losing a home to a fire is heartbreaking, even if the people escape safely. The loss of irreplaceable possessions and keepsakes, and thousands in property damage is a typical outcome of a house fire.

Is Fiber Cement Siding Combustible?

Fire departments nationally recognize James Hardie siding because it does not contribute fuel to fire since it does not ignite even if directly exposed to a flame. The blend of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers won’t combust when directly exposed to the fire.

Heat and Flames Resistant. Even after several hours of heat exposure, Hardie siding remains intact, earning a Class A Fire rating because of this remarkable ability. This fantastic durability allows firefighters more time to put out the existing fire, and it slows the spread of flames before the fire can get worse.

Hardie Siding Protects Vital Areas. The James Hardie company offers planks of siding and trim and soffits. They manufacture an extensive product line made of non-combustible fiber cement. This protective material can be placed across your exterior to prevent flames from spreading to certain places.

Exceeds Homeowners Expectations. As an additional benefit, many insurance companies will extend a discount to homeowners who use Hardie’s products. Hardie’s products are entirely non-combustible, high-performing, and reliable. They also consistently pass testing standards for fire resistance and meet all California building ordinances and requirements.

Let’s Compare Hardie Siding to Other Materials During a Fire


A wood exterior of a home can ignite easily if a fire, such as a wildfire, happens nearby. Wood siding could turn into an inferno with just a tiny ember because wood is highly combustible. Therefore, it scores low in fire resistance tests and provides minimal protection for fires.


You have about an hour until a stucco exterior begins to blaze because stucco can’t resist fire any longer. So your family will have time to escape if it quickly becomes aware of a fire. 

Hardie siding buys the fire department time to arrive before your home is severely damaged. Hardie siding is also stylistically customizable, just as stucco is, so it can fit any aesthetical preference.


Vinyl siding is a more cost-effective option compared to other siding materials. But it is not a safe alternative during a fire because as a form of plastic, vinyl can melt from heat exposure. It doesn’t even have to be in close contact. It will melt from up to 40 feet away. Your home’s internal studs and walls will become exposed to the fire much quicker when vinyl melts. While Hardie siding is a more significant investment off the bat, its long-lasting performance adds excellent long-lasting value to your home.

Siding that Makes You Proud of Your Southern California Home

Is it time for a home improvement project? Look into the fire-resistant, long-lasting, and eye-catching James Hardie siding. Particularly when installed by our expert team here at Family Home Improvements, the initial investment in this gorgeous siding is well worth the benefits you’ll gain, Contact us Family Home Improvements at (562) 464-0684 to learn more about our Hardie siding services, or click here for a free quote today

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