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Imagine you found out about Tex-Cote Coolwall, and you’re so excited to add it to your house. You hire a company to paint your home, and everything looks perfect. Then a couple of months or years down the road, you notice the paint is chipping or flaking. You think to yourself, Tex-Cote Coolwall is supposed to last a lifetime, right? Why are you seeing flaws in the products well before a “lifetime” is up? Does the Tex-Cote warranty cover this?

Thankfully, there are answers to these questions. We’ll go over how to find the solution to these problems and avoid them in the first place. To begin, let’s start with the details and exclusions of the Tex-Cote Coolwall warranty.

Warranty Details

For defective paint (flaking, peeling, or chipping), the Tex-Cote manufacturer warranty covers homeowners for a lifetime, with a 5-year labor warranty. Tex-Cote will replace the materials and fix the defects free of charge. If you sell your home, the warranty even transfers to one subsequent homeowner as long as it’s within three years of the application date. We need to mention that the warranty only covers paint applied per the manufacturer’s specifications. Before you stop reading, we need to look at some of the warranty’s exclusions.

Warranty Exclusions

To avoid any problems or confusion down the road, here are the situations that void the warranty:

  • The warranty does not apply to commercial buildings, apartments, condominiums, new construction, or multi-unit dwellings
  • Tex-Cote applied to entry/exit doors, fascia boards, garage doors, trim, moveable surfaces, and wood-fiber composite hardboard siding voids the warranty
  • The warranty does not cover any damage caused by natural disasters (hurricane, wind storms, floods, tornados, hail, etc.), roof leaks, significant building movement, mechanical or external physical causes, efflorescence, or settling of the building

Why You Should Choose a Certified Installer

Here’s a scenario we see time and time again. A homeowner gets their Tex-Cote Coolwall system installed by a new construction company. Their Coolwall system begins to have some problems, and when they go to process the warranty, they discover they can’t. When they try to reach out to the installer to fix it, they find out the installation company has gone out of business!

While you may think this is some extreme-case scenario, let’s explain how it happens. New construction companies pop up, make many exaggerated claims, and then go out of business after a couple of years. It’s not uncommon. Let’s face it; running a business is hard. When it comes to processing your claims, you may run into difficulty because of the installer. Either they weren’t certified through Textured Coatings of America or purchased the materials through an unlicensed party. Tex-Cote’s warranty doesn’t apply to these situations. When this happens and the installation company goes out of business, you’re left with a problem and no one to fix it!

To avoid this absolute nightmare, we highly recommend finding companies who are certified through Textured Coatings of America. As a certified installer, Family Home Improvements had to pass a background check and complete a course that taught us the proper Tex-Cote application techniques. If we go out of business (by some miracle), you can still easily process your warranty with Tex-Cote since we correctly applied the paint. To give you peace of mind, we provide all our customers with a certified warranty registered with the manufacturer. If you even need help choosing the best color for your home, DMac can help! He is an exterior color specialist and can help select the perfect color.

If you would like to learn more about Coolwall, the Tex-Cote warranty, or chat with one of our team members, feel free to fill out our form on our website or call (562) 464-0684.


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