This is the second part of our 100 window replacement questions to ask your contractor before starting your project.

Hey, it’s David “D-Mac” Machado here! Have you ever wondered what questions you should ask a contractor? Or wondered how much it would cost to paint your house or get new windows? With over 30 years in the contracting business, I’ve worked with countless clients who don’t know where to begin or what questions to ask – and that’s ok! To solve that, I’ve decided to list “100 You Should Ask a Contractor”, but for more detailed information, please feel free to call Renzo at 562-464-0684. Now let’s get askin’!

A: Hopefully, you have an existing window already. Sometimes, the replacement window – you’renot really replacing it. You may need to add or open an area, but it’s still going to be something like modifying it. You have to have a certain amount of sizing or ventilation. There’s a few rules that apply to being able to install windows and making sure that they meet proper codes.

A: Kind of. You might be able to go get a three by four or something like that. And sometimes they might have different size, but typically – when you walk into the big stores like that or into a window store, it’s mostly having to order the exact size that you have for a house and you’re not having to break it up. So yes, they do come in box sizes, but you end up adjusting the house to the window you ordered. You end up buying an inferior window and then you’re breaking it up and you’re paying the stucco guy to fix the stucco. So if you get that nice fit in there, it does make the job a lot easier, a lot quicker. And then now, you’re paying for a better window and not so much a stucco job.

A: Yes. They definitely will, especially when it comes to real estate. Windows can also devalue a house. There’s also windows that are, um, under they’re under, they can undervalue the house. So, let’s say you’re in a nice middle-class neighborhood in Southern California. If you go pop in whatever window, and it’s not equal to the neighborhood that you live in, you risk devaluing it. If you were to order one of our Catalina windows, it’s going to give you value towards energy efficiency and raise the value of your home by a significant percentage.

A: Absolutely. I’ve been to so many people’s houses and it is just not only the look, but the sound reduction that makes you feel like you’re in a different house. If you live in a really noisy street, installing our windows would be ideal for you. On top of that, the benefits outweighs the pricing by a long shot. In the summer, you get less heat due to the glass’ Low E and Argon Gas, you get less air pollution, less dust, and best of all, it’s completely eco-friendly with better energysaving benefits than any other window in the market. It makes a huge difference and saves you a TON in energy bills in the long run.

A: Sure, you can. However, the more windows you have installed all at once, the more you’ll save in energy bills. It depends on what type of windows you’re looking for in terms of sizing and pricing. Sometimes, people can’t afford them all at once and they get discouraged to buy just one, so we tell our customers: “order three or four now and then wait”. It’s as simple as that. But if you want to order them all at once and need help, we have a variety of financing options that our past customers have completely taken advantage of. I’m talking about services where you can get 100% financing, instant approval, with as low as $49 a month for new windows in your whole house. It’s a really great deal. If you want to know more about that, call us at562-464-0684, and we’ll help you. But short answer? Yes, you can install 2 or 2 windows at a time and if you’d like more, you’re more than free to order some and we’ll be there to install them.

A: You could pay cash, credit card, or through special financing. We have a number of options but the best bang for your buck would be the REELS program through Go Green Funding. You get100% financing for your full window order with no payments up to 24 months and it has a 5.99APR which is very lowcompared to other places. We also have other programs like PACE, via the U.S. Department of Energy and Service Finances, which offers instant approval with no credit score required. All of these programs are different in their own way, it all depends onwhich one suits you and your budget. If you want to know more information, just call us and we’ll be happy to help.

A: Go Green Funding is a local credit lender that incentivizes building energy-efficient construction projects by offering low payments to home and business owners. As a lender, they’re in charge of financing eco-friendly home improvement projects by partnering with local contractors, and so we’re trying to tell our customers: “Hey, you don’t have $3,000 – $5,000 for new windows? No problem, we’ll set you up with Go Green Funding and they’ll take care of it. You won’t have to pay a dime for up to 24 months and your monthly payments would be as low as $49 a month.” That’s less than what you would pay at a dinner on a weekend. We can offer that because our windows and our products are all eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and they meet the standards of new climate policies in regards to construction. Now, the REELS program is the Residential Energy Efficiency Loan, which is the program that Go Green funds residential homes only. If you have a business location that you’d like us to work on, that wouldbe through a different program, but if you have a one-two story home, then the REELS program would finance your window installation. This program is sponsored by Southern California Edison and it’s a win-win-win. It’s a win for the homeowner because they get new windows without paying a dime up front, it’s a win for us because we get the client, and it’s a win for Go Green, Edison, and the state’s green energy initiative. If you want new windows for your home, I highly, highly recommend using the REELS program and we’ll help you every step of the way.

A: I’ve done a thousand estimates in my lifetime, having doing this for 30 years, working at Sears Home Improvement, Lowe’s Home Improvements, and so forth, and I can’t stress enough to say that it depends on sizing, framing, glass, and your budget. Size will actually be your most important factor. For the average vinyl window, the low-end cost will be about around $650, give or take. You might have some small little bathroom ones, which will be cheaper, but let’s say $650 for a single-story house. That’ll get you an XO-sliding door. It might cost more if you have a two-story home, depending on where you want the replacement window located. But $650 – $1,500 is the average pricing. When it comes to doors, that starts at $1,500 and it goes up depending how the factors I mentioned: size, framing, glass, or other accessories that Anlin offers.

A: Let’s start with the windows you most likely have now. They’re probably the metal sheet ones or the ones that crank out. You mostly likely have a one-sided glass and a thin frame with little to no energy protections. I’m not saying that as a bad thing, it’s most likely that you have an old window dating back 20-40 years ago. Those windows are starting to disappear now. If you look at replacement windows that are in the market today – specifically, vinyl replacement windows – it’s all about quality. Aside from the energy benefits, replacement windows will have a double-sided glass, durable, high-quality, framing, either out of wood, plastic or metal – up to you – and a ton of features regarding how you want to close or open your window. The biggest difference, in my opinion, between what we offer and the window you have now is, to sum it up: better framing that elevates the beauty of your home, double-sided glass with Low E and Argon Gas that reduces heat, noise, and dust, and it saves you from having to spend on energy bills. All of those features are a game-changer compared to your current windows.

A: As far as style, that’s a long answer because Anlin offers so many customizable options that it would take all day just to briefly describe them. But to give you a brief rundown, we have styles depending on how you want to access your window. That means if you want it to slide up and down, left to right, if you want to crank it out, if you want it double-hung to keep it open and closed at the same time, or if you want a picture window, which doesn’t allow you to open it at all. So to answer that, we would have to go through each type of window to see if that’s the best fit for you.

A: I could go on and on explaining these but they’re much more interesting if you see it visually. I’d recommend you visiting our YouTube channel where you can see a demo of me inspecting an Anlin window. Basically, a single-hung window is a window that goes to the bottom. Part of it goes up and down. Those usually look the best when you have a window where the width is smaller than the length. It’s a nice, standard window.

double-hung-window-large (1)A: It’s a type of window where it slides both up and down. Sometimes, a lot of bathrooms have those. You can easily flip them open and they’re great for kitchens as well in order to let more of the smell and air out. A lot of customers love this particular window because it’s fun to flip them up and down.

XOX slider window

A: It’s a slider window that goes across. Those look better when the width is longer, as well. It’s called an XOX window because the middle part is what’s stationary, and the two sides can slide left to right.

A: It’s similar to the old-style casement windows that you crank out. However, just because it works the same, it doesn’t mean it looks the same. These are not your grandma’s casement windows. These are vinyl, state-of-the-art, high-quality, extremely durable and resistant casement windows from Anlin, that look sleek, elegant, and best of all – they crank out super smooth without any squeaking.

A: If you’ve never seen a double-casement window, I highly suggest you visit Anlin’s website or call us, because there’s not many of them and it’s a shame. A single casement window is where you crank out the window entirely. A double-casement window is when there’s two frames that need to be cranked out. You can also leave one open, if you wish, but this product gives you the option to have both frames fully open.

A: These are what’s called “hopper windows”. These pop up from the top and are moon-shaped. They’re mostly picture windows and you can see them on top of doors or near a ceiling. These are very classical windows and very unique amongst the window family because of its split shape. If you Google it, you’ll see what I mean.

A: Windows that don’t open. I wish there was a better way of saying or selling it, but that’s just the way it is. I’m a very blunt guy, I’m sure our customers and readers are, as well. A picture window doesn’t open, slide, swing, crank, or is shaped differently. It can come in different sizes, different glass, and different frames, but it does not feature anything to make it open. But man, these are gorgeous because it’s all glass, all clear views. There’s nothing in the way, giving you a dynamic, crystal clear view of outside.

garden-window-largeA: It’s a box-shaped window that usually goes where? – you guessed it, in the garden. These windows are extremely special because they’re one of the most recognizable. You see them in gardens, back yards, green houses, or solariums, and more. Many people put ornaments, decorations or plants behind it, which makes it look more engaging than other windows.

A: A bay window has one frame in the front and two on the side. The difference between that and a bow window is that a bow window has four frame in its build. These are a little older and you mostly see them in nooks. Most of the time, these are picture windows, they don’t usually open but they’re stuck together in pairs of 3-4. If you’ve ever seen a nook in a home, you’re most likely looking at a bow and bay window.

A: It depends on what side of the house you’re living on. What side of the house you want protected. For instance, in Whittier, there was a house where the replacement windows on one side of the sun was just being beaming on there. So in that case, you’d want a glass with sunshade. I’d recommend you consulting with your contract about things like tint levels depending on how much heat you want to let through in your home. You can have glass with little grids on it, or have nothing at all like a picture window. What’s great about Anlin windows is that they all come with Low E and Argon Gas, which reflects the sun’s ultraviolet rays by about 95%. With Anlin, you also have a variety of color options, ranging from green, blue chip rain, regular, regular unscrew or standard. So lots of choices, it all depends on your style on what side of the house you want protected from sunlight or noise.

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