It depends on what side of the house you’re living on or what side of the house you want protected. For instance, in Whittier, there was a house where the replacement windows on one side of the sun was just being beaming on there. So in that case, you’d want a glass with sun-shield protection. I’d recommend you consulting with your contractor about things like tint levels depending on how much heat you want to let through in your home. You can have glass with little grids on it, or have nothing at all like a picture window. What’s great about Anlin windows is that they all come with Low E and Argon Gas, which reflects the sun’s ultraviolet rays by about 95%. With Anlin, you also have a variety of color options, ranging from green, blue chip rain, regular, regular unscrew or standard. So lots of choices, it all depends on your style on what side of the house you want protected from sunlight or noise.