Let’s start with the windows you most likely have now. They’re probably the metal sheet ones or the ones that crank out. You most likely have a one-sided glass and a thin frame with little to no energy protection. I’m not saying that is a bad thing, it’s most likely that you have an old window dating back 20-40 years ago. Those windows are starting to disappear now. If you look at replacement windows that are in the market today – specifically, vinyl replacement windows – it’s all about quality. Aside from the energy benefits, replacement windows will have double-sided glass, durable, high-quality framing, either out of wood, plastic, or metal – up to you – and a ton of features on how you want to close or open your window. The biggest difference between what we offer and the window you have now is, to sum it up: better framing that elevates the beauty of your home, double-sided glass with Low E and Argon Gas that reduces heat, noise, and dust, and it saves you from having to spend on energy bills. All of those features are a game-changer compared to your current windows.