That’s the very first thing you’re going to do is call D-Mac or Renzo. That’s number one. And then what would you do after that? You’d request an appointment. We would come to you and show you a demonstration of the product. We’d tell you about our company, our licenses, our reviews, and our videos to show them the installation process and how it works because a lot of people need to see it. There are other companies that do this and I ask them, have you seen the window? And they say “no”. A lot of companies don’t even show you the actual window that they’re going to be installing. They have no idea what they’re even getting, which is weird to me. If you’re paying thousands of dollars, it should be totally transparent. Then we write a contract and go over that with you in great detail. Once that’s been approved, we order the windows and once we get them, we’ll be in touch with you on when would be a good time to install them.